Finally... it's showtime!


Phew. I created the art - the gold goddess on stage - for my revamped website almost two years ago. It's taken me that long - in fits and starts - to get here. There's still tweaking to be done and images and info to be added, but the new Gretchen Show is finally ready for its premier.

For five years, I've done my art blogging for The Gretchen Show on wordpress. That site will remain live for the time being, but since I now have a blog platform integrated into my website, I'll be transitioning to sharing updates and news and fun stuff here. I still love wordpress. In fact, I have three other wordpress blogs: 

    • Half Agony, Half Hope - my illustrated memoir of thwarted love
    • 52 at 52 - a year-long creative project featuring 52 self-portraits during my 52nd year
    • Annie Byrd - all about my fabulous and funny mom

    Check them out to see my art in different forms. (52 at 52 and Annie Byrd aren't live yet but will be soon. I'll post here when they are.) 

    On a technical note, I used Squarespace to build and host The Gretchen Show. There was definitely a learning curve creating my own website, but I highly recommend Squarespace for the variety of customizable templates, affordable pricing and excellent customer service. 

    Welcome to my new ethereal home.  Please step behind the curtain and have a look round. If you have any comments, I'd love to hear them. 

    - Gretchen  

    July 2013