Holding on


2.10.14 - update: Mom's "enhanced" obituary is finally online. The delay was on legacy.com's end, not ours, which upsets me to no end. But I hear Mom say, "Let it go, Gretchen. It's not important!" There is a guest book; if you have a memory or thought of Mom, please share it. 

Hello friends, 
I thought I was holding on pretty well until today. Today was brutal and I know that I, and everyone else who loves Mom so much, have many more hard days to come. 
So many of you have written to me with kind thoughts and memories and I have not yet been able to respond to all of you. Please know that I will in time, but until then, those thoughts and memories have meant a great deal to me and my family. 
If you plan on coming to the service or memorial tomorrow, please don't feel obligated to wear the customary funereal black. Mom liked colors. If you have a pair of turquoise stretch pants, they would be an excellent fashion choice. ;- ) Also, if you have an original Annie Byrd crocheted hat, please wear it. If you, by chance, happen to have a completely politically incorrect, oversized fur coat, then by all means wear it. Also, if you happen to have a pair of sneakers with rubber heels that light up when you walk, wear them too!
I had planned on spending the day making Annie Byrd art to share tomorrow, but in the end, I did not. So, instead, I will share with you a very short, short story I wrote about Mom a few years ago after an outing to Central Market.