with the altered book I made for the Spare pARTS fundraiser in autumn of 2012. Photo courtesy of Danny Hurley

Gretchen Goetz is a native Texan, multimedia artist, writer, illustrator, Emmy Award-winning set decorator, stylist and bibliophile. 

This autumn marks her 25 year anniversary in the film industry. Gretchen has crewed on major motion pictures as well as independent films, episodic television, corporate films, music videos, and countless television commercials. 

She creates art for theatre posters, album covers, brand imaging, private commissions and a whole lot of quirky, imaginative personal work. Interested in a print of your own? Go here. 

She was the author of a biweekly column, Art Smart,  in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette for over five years. She has written DIY, craft and home decor articles for the Dallas Morning News and Michaels' website. 

For six years Gretchen's 'daily driver' (art car lingo for everyday car) was a hand-painted Toyota. It made going anywhere incognito a challenge but she loved the cool notes people left on her windshield. At the 2006 Art Car Parade in Houston, she won third place in the painted car division. An art bicycle may be in her future.

She was a backyard chicken farmer for a few years and may be one again because chickens are funny and hey, fresh eggs. If you're interested in building her a chicken coop of her own design, please send her an email. There could be some eggs in it for you.

Gretchen loves to travel and considers England her second home.

She also enjoys  native gardening, movies, cooking and eating, especially with good company. Books are her sanctuary and one of her greatest loves. 

Gretchen feels silly writing in third person.  

artist, paint thyself.